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75 fotos de publicidades, únicas en el mundo.

Las fotografías publicitarias más insólitas del mundial, estas personas han sido muy creativos al momento de crear estos artes, en algunos casos misteriosos, y en otros de mucho miedo. Las verdad es que publicidad es publicidad.

1. 13th Street: Be patient

2. A Bela Sintra: Foot

3. Ace: Tarantula

4. Alac: Kitchen

5. Alka-Seltzer: New Year

6. AMAM - Association of Women Against Genital Mutilation: Plastic doll

7. Amnesty International: Archer

8. Amnesty International: Red Little Tender

9. Ariel: Pervert

10. Ariel Plus: Ketchup

11. Ashtraymouth: Roach girl

12. Aware Helpline: Verbal abuse

13. Canex: Spaniel

14. Caribú Bitter: Canari

15. Caribú Bitter: Poison

16. Casa Do Menor: Hands

17. Casa & Perfume air freshener: Fish

18. Cerveira Art Biennial: Botticelli

19. Child Health Foundation: The Scream

20. Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers: England

21. Colin glass cleaner: Spider

22. Colombian Association of Arterial Hypertension: Home

23. Concordia Children’s Services: Piglets

24. discriminatie.nl: Hide

25. Domestic violence: Livingroom

26. E.N.P.A.: Spray

27. Eagle Print Awards 2009: Cactus

28. Emirates Arthritis Foundation: Painful

29. Family Network Foundation: Dad

30. Fashion Outlet Zurich: Cow

31. Findus Fraich’Frites: Grandchildren

32. Foundation Abbé Pierre: The lifeguard

33. Fur Free: Angry fox

34. Glassing Sunglasses: Kiss my glass

35. Good Parent: Boy

36. Government of the State of Santa Catarina: Hamburger

37. Gringo’s Tequila: El Matador Peligroso

38. Humans for Animals: Seal

39. IndyAct: Bobcat

40. Just liquid hand wash: Cockroaches

41. Karabine: New years greetings, Mickael Blonce

42. Lung cancer awareness: One

43. Masterlock: Hippies

44. Mettiamocilatesta.it: Don't cut a dream

45. Multiple Sclerosis Australia: Use By Dates

46. NoButts.org, Anti-Cigarette Butt Pollution Campaign: Catfish

47. Nycomed: Agony

48. One Life: Shower

49. Oust: Everything has consequences

50. Pastorini Toy Store: Cowgirl

51. Pedestrian Council of Australia: Family

52. Pet flea & tick spot on: Haircut

53. Popeye Detergent Hipoalergenic: Hell raiser

54. Procter & Gamble / Febreze: Fly

55. queer-travel.de: The other side of America

56. Ramorama: Expose yourself

57. Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence: Piece of meat

58. RSF: Ink

59. RSPCA: Woman

60. Sanctuary, Save the tiger: Binocular

61. Save the Children: Child labour

62. Semorin: Mustard

63. Shared Responsibility: Kidnapping

64. Skins: Defy genetics

65. Solid Paint: Cross

66. Spid Advertising Photographer: Baby

67. Stella Coffee Pot: Spider

68. Superette: Elevator

69. The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation: Chair

70. TMF: Amy

71. Vancouver Aquarium: Bath

72. whatareyoudoingtoyourself.com: Street

73. Workplace Safety Insurance Board: Sign

74. WWF: Blood

75. YouthSPK: Blood

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